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JCLT is led by Executive Director, Stephanie Mietz. She joined JCLT in 2018 bringing with her more than a decade's experience in conservation, preservation, and adaptive management. Stephanie's stewardship and leadership skills successfully move our organizational mission towards fulfillment. 

JCLT’s Board of Directors guides the organization to operational and financial sustainability.  Board members include Cheryl Dillingham (Board President), Sean Rowe (Board Vice-President), Chuck Powell (Board Treasurer), Colin Mateer (Board Secretary), Mark Fritzke, Dustin Brooks, Colin Anderson, donna luckey, Emelia Berol, and Kyle Sipes.

Stephanie Mietz

Executive Director

Stephanie is committed to building the next generation of land and water stewards, ensuring that both the mission and commitments of JCLT will carry on.

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Cheryl Dillingham

Board President

Cheryl's goal is to help protect and preserve JCLT’s land holdings in perpetuity by supporting good land management practices and strong financial health.

Sean Rowe

Vice President

Sean joined JCLT in 2017 with the goal of furthering conservation efforts and helping with restoration projects that benefit our local communities.

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Chuck Powell

Colin Mateer

Mark Fritzke

Board Treasurer

Chuck's passion for redwoods, salmon, sustainability, and the beauty of the Jacoby Creek watershed help guide him in his role at JCLT.

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Board Member

Sitting on the JCLT Board since 1998, Mark has helped guide JCLT on many aspects of acquiring and developing Kokte Ranch and other properties and easements.

Board Secretary

Colin brings interdisciplinary  knowledge and experience to JCLT, including natural resource policy, environmental justice, and sustainable technologies.

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Dustin Brooks

Board Member

Dustin brings a diverse knowledge of multiple ecosystems and habitat restoration, and over 10 years of academic and professional experience in leadership and natural resources.

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Colin Anderson

Board Member

Colin is a salmonid biologist with the goal of protecting and preserving the uniqueness of the Jacoby Creek Watershed for the benefit of people and nature. 

donna luckey

Board Member

Her awareness of land trusts as an important model for land stewardship started in the mid-1970s with her graduate studies, and donna has pursued that interest ever since.

Emelia Berol

Board Member

Emelia has developed a commitment to do what she can to help protect wilderness areas, and the precious watersheds of northern California.

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Kyle Sipes

Board Member

Kyle has a great love of the ecosystems of Northern California and sees conservation, restoration, and regeneration of these ecosystems as a vital part of our societal role and responsibility.

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