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From education tools to citizen science projects, JCLT has a number of activities available to the local community. Each of these activities is carefully designed to promote stewardship within the greater Jacoby Creek watershed. We welcome you to explore the outdoors, and learn every step of the way. 


In partnership with the AmeriCorps Watershed Stewards Program, JCLT has developed a number of lessons to educate the next generation of environmentalists. Each lesson provides the tools and details necessary to begin learning about habitat, fisheries, and stewardship. These lessons are just a click away, and available to both school teachers and families alike. We encourage you to take these lessons with you as you step into the outdoors. Sign up for mailing list to receive updated lessons and learning opportunities.


Understanding the past, present, and future of our region is an important step towards conservation. That's why JCLT began a biological inventory within the greater Jacoby Creek watershed using a citizen science tool called iNaturalist; an online social network of people sharing observations of the living world around them. From smartphone devices, community participants have the ability to log observations of their plant and animals neighbors. This is what many call "Citizen Science" or "Community Science", because community members get to participate and contribute to the scientific process. Data is compiled and helps builds a living record of biodiversity in our region. Through citizen science, we all get to know a little more about the natural world that surrounds us.

Visit the Jacoby Creek iNaturalist page!


JCLT and the Bayside Community Hall have partnered to collectively benefit native pollinators. Through community activities and workshops, the Pollinator Project is intended to interactively teach the community about the importance of native pollinators, and how to attract them to our local landscapes and gardens. Workshops Include:

  • Seed saving

  • Plants for attracting pollinators

  • Bee keeping

  • Chickadee house building

  • Moth identification

  • Seed bombs

  • Children's art activities & much more!

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