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We at JCLT believe that our diverse and extraordinary landscape throughout the the Jacoby Creek watershed is worth protecting. That's why JCLT has conservation easements on approximately 126 acres within the Jacoby Creek and greater Humboldt Bay region. From the redwood forests to the coastal wetlands, JCLT is committed to conserving and maintaining our natural resources to share with our community and future generations. Conservation easements are just one of the tools JCLT uses to achieve our mission.


Easements can be donated or purchased. Donation of a conservation easement that meets federal tax code requirements can qualify as a tax-deductible charitable donation. For income tax purposes, the value of the donation is the difference between the land’s value with the easement and its value without the easement. Placing an easement on your property may also provide significant savings in property taxes.

​Perhaps most importantly, a conservation easement can be essential for passing land on to the next generation. By removing the land’s development potential, the easement may lower the market value, which in turn can lower estate taxes. Whether the easement is donated during life or by will, it can make a critical difference in the heir’s ability to keep the land intact.​

JCLT has over 20 years experience writing conservation easements for landowners in the Northern Humboldt Bay. In partnership with willing landowners, we work to restore and protect wildlife habitat, while also supporting sustainable agriculture production and timber harvesting.


Our easements are monitored annually to ensure conservation goals are being met.

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