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JCLT is committed to the conservation of the Jacoby Creek watershed for scientific, historical, cultural, recreational, agricultural, and scenic values. Established in 1992, we’re an organization driven by conservation, bold action, and a strong foundation of support. As a small non-profit organization, JCLT takes pride in making a big impact, and looks for opportunities to maximize our contributions.

The historical challenges faced by Black, Indigenous, People of Color, and LGBTQIA+ communities have emerged into the modern spotlight. JCLT is outraged by the historical and ongoing violence, marginalization, and oppression perpetuated against these populations. Recent events have prompted JCLT to listen and learn from these communities, and reflect on our role as allies. JCLT has come to understand that solutions are collective, multi-faceted, and interdisciplinary. Change occurs across society, organizations, and individuals, when everyone is committed to challenging racism, xenophobia, homophobia, transphobia, and other forms of hatred and bigotry.

The diversity of ecological systems makes them both productive and resilient. JCLT recognizes our communities are much like the very landscapes that we seek to restore and protect, as we collectively are made stronger by diverse representation and lived experiences.

As JCLT seeks to restore and protect our landscapes, we will no longer remain silent in the presence of injustice. JCLT commits to institute authentic change in our organization and community by aligning our own mission with that of those who seek to create equity and equality for all. JCLT, as individuals and as an organization, recognizes that there is and always will be work to be done towards building a more equitable and inclusive future that provides opportunities for everyone to safely connect with the outdoors. We ask that you join, support and help guide us as we embrace our organizational commitment to racial, social and environmental justice.

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