Jacoby Creek Water Sustainability and AnadromousFish Habitat Enhancement Feasibility Study

Request for Proposal

Open March 1- 31, 2021


Jacoby Creek Land Trust (JCLT) is requesting proposals from qualified consulting firms to complete a feasibility study to support planning for community-supported, multi-benefit projects to enhance aquatic habitat quality and reduce flooding impacts in the lower Jacoby Creek valley. Major components of the study include:


  1. Stakeholder engagement and consultation with a technical working group.

  2. Collecting necessary data and information to characterize existing conditions and understand the geomorphic context of the project area.

  3. Developing a hydraulic model to support analysis of existing conditions, sea level rise scenarios, and improvement options.

  4. Developing schematic drawings for up to ten conceptual designs and identifying the three project alternatives that rank the highest for feasibility and achieving community-supported goals and objectives.

  5. Preparing a Stream Corridor Management Plan to guide stewardship of in-channel woody debris and riparian areas.


Primary funding for this project is provided through the State Coastal Conservancy. JCLT is the grantee and the County of Humboldt and City of Arcata are co-project leaders. U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, NOAA-National Marine Fisheries Service, California Department of Fish & Wildlife, and Humboldt State University will provide technical assistance.

Questions and Answers

Questions about this proposal should be directed to Stephanie Mietz,  Questions and answers will be posted here.

This document will be updated throughout the submission period. 

Most recent update:  03.30.21

Supporting Documents

Gannon Slough / Jacoby Creek Wildlife Area Restoration Map

Jacoby Creek Brookwood Bridge Data Summary 2003-2020

Preliminary Jacoby Creek Assessment, Anderson, 2006

Lower Jacoby Creek Estuary Enhancement, Anderson, 2007

Off Channel Project As Built, 2015

South Jacoby Hydraulic Project, USFWS, 2018:   DatAnywhere (

Major Funding for this project is provided by the State Coastal Conservancy

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